hello 2009...and cupcake

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

First and foremost, thought you'd all like to know i got the book "hello cupcake" that i wanted so badly! Funny thing was, my mom and sophia had both bought it for me before i even found out about it, both of them knowing it suited me perfectly. Im quite excited to start baking!

Next: 2009 is here which means 2008 is over. After reminiscing over the memories of 2008 i thought i'd share some highlights (and lowlights) of this past year. (i know this idea is so original, im sure no one else has blogged about this...)

Movin in with my roomies and best friends ever Marrissa and Jenny to bluffdale, the city thats far away from everything.

having the funnest times ever with my awesome family...

Plus+ the other part of the fam, my favorite thing in the whole entire world my baby Komet!

Moving again with the roomies to the best house ever!

Going on vaca to San Diego and making a million memories that are still entertaining to talk about and probably will be until we're old and gray.

Going on another vaca with Sophia, Curtis, Matt, Don, Jake and Jonathan on a cruise to Mexico! Ole!

Re-doing a room at the Ronald McDonald house so that those with sick kids can have a nice place to stay. My mom did an AMAZING job on the mural i wish i had a better picture to show...(i stole this collage from sophia, Thanks Soph!)

Finishing the year with a great Christmas where the cousins all made each other gifts, and an outstanding New years with my best friends!


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Deacons Mommy said...

Looks like I was the best thing that happened to you this year.

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