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Friday, January 23, 2009

Thursday night me, Sarah, Skip and Dash all went to the Lenka concert at Kilby court and it was absolutely wonderful! First of all, i haven't known Lenka for long, but from the first time i heard her sigh and sing at the same time (sounds weird but it's so awesome) i fell in love. Plus she has such a cute little dimple on her cheek! No this isn't a blog about my lesbian love for Lenka it just happens to be that she's cute and a good singer! good mix!

Anyway Kilby court is kinda ghetto but kinda awesome at the same time. Im a HUGE fan of anywhere intimate for concerts and kilby court is just that. Only problem is... Garage concert in January=COLD! some may beg to differ (everyone but me probably) but i was cold. My toes were freakin froze. they were literally numb. But the fact that i could stare at the hot back up singer slash keyboard guy slash guitar player meant that i forgot about the cold and immerged myself in thoughts of a life together with him.

Unfortunately for me he was short. tooooo short. But that helped me deal with the fact that he was also married. After the show we stood in line (still freeeezing) to meet Lenka. While in line something came up that i have to share with all of you. (the many fans that read my blog....ha!) While we're shivering from the cold (at this point we were all the way outside and i was not the only one that was cold) Dash simply says, "anyone have some cash im gonna go get a soda"....excuse me? You want to drink an ice cold soda while we're waiting in a line outside in the middle of january weather?? For some reason this statement just boggled my mind and i was completely distraught so it was a good thing he ended up coming back with a nice steaming cup of hot apple cider. who does that? Funny thing was, i was standing in line staring at the snack stand wondering who would be crazy enough to order a soda right now in this cold. In the end we met Lenka and took a nice photo with her and i forgot all about the absolutely heinous statement Dash made.


Zach and Car said...

Never heard of Lenka but I am now officially intrigued haha. Google will be my friend today :) I second you on Kilby, I HATE winter season concerts there- I don't care what anyone says it is COLD.You're right on the joke... but I don't seem to remember it perfect either :( I just remember the poor ant died in the end haha.

Dash said...

I was thirsty, but that hot apple cider did hit the spot.

Kimberly Jane said...

Um basically I discovered Lenka like 2 months ago and love her. Seriously sooooooooooo great!!! How are ya Snot Face?!?!?!?.....Haha and yes it has been like 6 years and that is still your name:)

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