Sunday, February 15, 2009

My friend Tayler tagged me so here is ten random things about me whether you like it or not.
1. i reeeeaaally want to learn spanish. I was looking into the rosetta stone thingy, anyone heard if those work??
2. i love to bake treats (as if you didnt already know...) ESPECIALLY cupcakes! Although i dont really like eating treats..just baking them. I'd rather eat something salty.
3. easy-mac is my new secret pleasure in life. and my roomates. we've discovered it and gone wild.
4. My dog Komet is easily the coolest dog i know. Easily. So obedient (almost always) and so adorable. how could you hate a dog that stands on his hind legs with his arms up ready to put on his coat before he goes outside to pee?
5. Deacon is the cutest baby i know!
6. I once ate a handful of pepper with Jenny and after we dry heaved over the sink for the next hour we decided we absolutely loathed pepper. Dont ask why we thought that was a good idea.
7. i have more makeup than anyone ever should and yet, i always want more.
8. i am always cold! i love summer and hot weather so much that when i was on my cruise i sat in the sauna for an hour with my clothes on, reading my book.
9. i love music! i really want to learn to play the piano better (i suck) and i wish that my sis Sarah would live closer so she could teach me!!! But yeah, i love music and i love going to shows and finding new music online.
10. i have the best friends and family EVER. My family has so much fun together! there is always something to laugh about when we're together. And my friends are the best ever! Especially my roomies Jenny and Marrissa! They are always there for me and we have so many inside jokes to laugh about we could laugh for ten days straight just thinkin about them all.


Deacons Mommy said...

He is and will always be the cutest baby you ever know!

Marrissa said...

Remember those faces we were making to each other on the night of Keys/The Hotel? Best ever. We should start doing that more.

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