Tuesday, February 3, 2009

i know this is kinda old news but i have been thinking about it today while im sick:( and i just wanted to hear peoples opinions. If you dont know what this is, i'll fill you in a bit. At the inauguration for President Obama, Jay Z and Young Jeezy performed a song called "My president is black." Before or after sometime, they said some things that were, well, ill let you judge for yourself.

I liked the comment i found online by someone named Jason. (i was linked to outoftheblu.com from michellemalkin.com)

"A majority of americans voted for Obama because they prefered his policies over McCain. It wasn’t color of skin. It’s nice that we have an interracial president. But that’s not why I voted for him. Now, I don’t wear a “My President Is Black” t-shirt either though. And I won’t. Racism is, like MLK said, the unnecessary acknowledgement of race. Wearing a shirt like that is racist. You can be proud to have a black president, and you should be. But that shirt and Jay-Z’s rap hurts our progress. We need to just stop thinking about race so much. If you fall, don’t blame ‘the man’. Just get back up. That’s what the king did. And no one is denying that he’s a good role model. So be like him. Throw away that ‘My President Is Black’ shirt. Turn off Jay-Z’s rap. And just be happy to be an American with an intelligent President."

(The shirt he is talking about is one that has an american flag on it and says "my president is black.")

I just feel like its too bad that people are taking what is supposed to be an exciting, historical moment in American history where we are seeing change for the better, and turning it into yes, a historical moment in American history, but one that is taking us back to a time of racism.
Having a black president is amazing and shows such progress for America, but like MLK and "Jason" said, Racism is the unnecessary acknowledgement of race. And its too bad that race has taken up a majority of politics these days. Whether its good or bad, why are we even talking about race. Lets elminiate it from our dictionaries and judge a person on good old fashioned character.
If we want to judge people and point fingers, lets point at all the political figures in todays society who cheat and lie, lets point fingers at the celebrities who are unfit role models. Lil Wayne for example has a number one album out but the focus is on just that. His album and so called "talent." What about the fact that Lil Wayne has so much money he can buy his way out of anything, including the numerous drug and weapon FELONY charges against him. And what about R. Kelly who had 21 counts of child pornography against him but managed to end up not guilty?
It's hard to be as upset as you should be when people of this stature show this kind of behavior. Believe me, i am somewhat of a fan of Snoop Dogg who was arrested for connection with a drive by murder but after releasing a new album shortly after with hits like gin and juice, the public (and I) forgot about it. But try to imagine them as someone you know. Imagine someone had 21 counts of child pornography against them and the child in this case was YOUR child. Imagine it was someone you knew who was murdered in a drive by. Now how would you feel?
I have kind of gotten off the subject but at least i may have got you thinking...


Zach and Car said...

Always intellectual :) I'm with you on this. And thank you for getting the wheels turning :)

SAKS said...

This post made me think ten million different things, and I don't know how long a comment can be so I'll try to keep it short.

1. I hate that Jay-Z is saying all of that because he is married to Beyonce. And I feel like Beyonce is an intelligent woman, and that she wouldn't be like that. I loved watching her sing for Obama at the inauguration, and this video in a way changed my opinion of her.

2. The shoe thing pisses me off. No doubt Bush wasn't the best president we've had, but he deserves respect because of the office he holds. That office is a part of a system in our country, which is pretty great, and allows ignorant dumbass rappers to be able to say those things without having to worry about punishment from the government. So I think he should quit whining and be grateful America has given him all that it has.

3. When black people act like that it increases stereotypes and racist feelings. They are doing more to hinder the movement than help it.

4. No wonder they want to keep the stereotypes and racism going because without them all they would have to rap about is having sex.

5. See it just made me do that.

6. :)

7. Oh ya and Im sick of celebrities getting away with everything.

8. Sorry this is so long

Your opinionated sister

Deacons Mommy said...

How old were you when gin and juice came out? I seriousle think I was like eleven so you were like three.

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