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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So clearly, it has been decades since i last posted but i here i am. Finally with some time. My birthday was last week and it was so much fun! During the day i went and got lunch with Sophia and then we went shopping to a bunch of fun consignment stores and to this rockin place called "Jolly Pharmacy." If you haven't been there, you should definitely go. Anyway then i went home and got ready and a bunch of my friends met up at Gepetto's and we got pizza and had a grand ol time! It was pretty fabulous. What will be even more fabulous though is when i get the bike i am getting for my birthday. It wasn't in so we had to wait but hopefully i'll get it this week and when i do, you know there will be pics posted!

Since my family couldn't do anything the actual day of my birthday we went to dinner the saturday before to my favvvv place, cafe med. It was delish and the best part was it was so warm so we got to eat outside! Alisha is already moved away to Wilder, so she couldn't be there :(

Anyway then this last weekend we had a combined birthday party with me and my roomate Marrissa since her birthday is tomorrow! We went up to park city and got this AMAZING hotel room that was freakin HUGE! 2100 sq ft! i can't get over it. And only 200 bucks! it was awesome. Then tonz of our friends came up and we had a night out on the town and then came back and slept in our giant hotel room.

I also have to add to this post that i got the cutest pot of flowers from Sophia for my birthday! She put it all together and its only orange flowers (since orange is my fav color) and there are cute lil gnomes in it that i saw and wanted and amazingly enough, she got them for me without even knowing i wanted them!


SDBL said...

it is bloomin away! I love it! Looks so cute on your porch.

BrooklynBridge said...

Hey Lar, I added you to my blog! I love the birthday pics and the decorations on your last blog- I wasn't even going to make any for zach's bday LOL... im not sure how i feel about that now!

Jayson and Tayler Harris said...

Happy Birthday! It looks like you had an awesome time! Those flowers are so cute!

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