Decisions, Decisions

Monday, August 17, 2009

So i have shaved my head 3 times now and i can't decide...Should i go for a fourth??
I absolutely love having a buzzed head, best decision of my life, BUT, i do wish i had hair sometimes and winter is coming....


No hair?

And then what?



Or Brunette?



Alfie's mum said...

You look gorgeous either way! I know what you mean about the shaving thing, it's so convenient! I say go for number 4. you may never do it again!!

Skankstas said...

i love seeing those pics of your hair all diffferent ways! I have no idea what you should do! You could always grow it out a little and do the blonde/root look that im going to be jealous of and then shave it again if you wanted....

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