Take me out to the fair!

Friday, September 18, 2009

I don't know why but i LOVE the fair more than life itself. It pleasures me in more ways than a man ever could and frankly, i wish i could follow the fair around from town to town.
Yesterday me and some of the girls went to the fair and of course it was a blast.
Get a load of this:

You know we got some treats while we were here!
I got pumpkin pie ice cream from "Trudys poppin johnny ice cream" and yes it had REAL pumpkin pie mixed in.

If i were a sheep i would be this sheep. He was the only one with a cute patterned design on his coat!

The GIANT slide. Awesome everytime.

My FAVORITE ride of all time. I could ride this ride everyday of my life and still laugh my guts out everytime! If you aren't familiar with the starship 2000 let me inform you of its workings. You stand against the walls in this round room and it starts spinning SUPER fast. Fast enough that eventually you are pinned to the wall like a fly on flypaper. You can even scoot up toward the ceiling to where your feet aren't touching the floor. You will instantly start laughing once this ride starts and you won't stop until it's over and you are so dizzy you can't walk. I want one of these in my backyard.

I wanted to buy this cute lil poncho for a little kid but i have no little kids in my life! Ummm, Sarah?


meg and garrett said...

You would be the most fashion forward carnie ever...hands down. Garrett and I were just talking about that crazy gravity machine a few weeks ago. If you get one in your backward let me know, I am game for sure.

Skankstas said...

i love you pictures! They turned out so good. I'm going to have to go next year so I can ride that ride!

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