Saturday, October 31, 2009

I left my brand new ring in the bathroom at work.
First day wearing it.
Why i still take my rings off to wash my hands i don't know.
My very first "real" ring (real meaning sterling silver and not those cheap bend-to-fit-your-finger kinda rings) i got when i was just a wee one got stolen when i left it in the bathroom.
I still feel a pain in my stomach when i think about that.
But i did it again.
i washed my hands and left my ring sitting on the counter.
About 15 minutes later i remembered and ran frantically to the restroom where someone was walking out.
I asked her if there was a ring on the counter in there and she said YES!
She could have easily taken that ring for herself but she didn't! What a nice person!
It could also be because i like such gaudy jewelry and this ring is about the size of Texas and she thought it was hideous but either way i'm so happy i got it back!

Thanks random kind stranger!


meg said...

Yay for a happy ending!

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