Monday, October 5, 2009

This last weekend i was in Portland with the roommates. We stayed with Marrissa's aunt and uncle which was awesome since we didn't have to pay for a hotel!
The whole trip was so much fun...here's a little overview...

Day 1.
We got to Portland around four and Marrissa's aunt Jamie picked us up. She took us downtown where we met her uncle Paul for dinner. It was delicious of course and they were so nice to pay for our meal for us. Then we went walking around downtown through the gallery crawl that was going on. There was a ton of artwork dispalyed in the streets and we visited a few of the art schools too. I love looking at other peoples art, its so inspiring! Everywhere in Portland is decorated in local art. It's fantastic if you ask me.

Anyway, then her uncle who is an architect, showed us around the city and told us about the different buildings he's done and what they used to be and kind of gave us a history on each building. It was really interesting. Then we went on a tour of these condos that are being built and they were amazing! So expensive though.

No one looks good in a hard hat okay.

Then we hit the hay early. We were tired.

Day 2.
We woke up and went downtown to this place Isabel's (i think that's what it was called) for what was supposed to be breakfast but ended up being lunch. It was delicious! Then we wandered around downtown going in little shops and stuff. We went to this place called Cupcake Jones which was scrumptious. I LOVE cupcakes! I got one called downtown cupcake brown. It was basically a dark chocolate cupcake. Mmmm!

We also went to this place called Powell's city of books which was heaven! It covered a whole block and was 4 floors! They had new and used books mixed in too which rocked. Loved that place. Then we went to lunch at a place called Jake's for lunch which was the best place in town for fish, or so we were told from the many people we asked on the streets. It definitley lived up to our expectations. Just imagine...Coconut crusted mahi mahi with mango chutney...YUMMY! (you will begin to see the pattern here of eating delicious food. We ate alot on this trip...) Later that night we met up with my friend Kat and her husband Ryan (Kat used to work at MAC with me before she moved to Portland)and a few of their friends and went out. We went 80's dancing at this place called the Crystal Ballroom which had a crazy wood floor that had springs in it so the floor sort of bounced. It was great!

We also stopped by another yummy place called Voodoo Donuts for a midnight snack of a maple bar with bacon on it. Yup you heard me right. Bacon. On a maple bar. It was quite delicious, tasted like breakfast. This place is open 24 hours and seems to be quite popular...

This is the line to get a donut

Oh, and let's not forget i got hit on by a lesbian....awkward!

Day 3.
Woke up and headed back downtown to the saturday market. Basically a giant fiesta of booths and food and crafts. Oh and dogs, there are tons of dogs in Portland i love it! Shopped around for a bit, munched on gyros, people watched etc. We saw these two guys playin drums on buckets and stuff, they were actually really good!

Later we went with her aunt and uncle and picked up her cousin who came home from school in seattle. Then we went out shopping on 23'rd street which is this pretty tree filled street with shops lining it. Lots of them are cute little local shops. Then we went and got pizza and later that night we saw "Whip it" which i loved.

Day 4.
The last day mostly consisted of going out for breakfast and hanging around before going home. Not much. But it was a great end to our spectacular vacation!


Amy said...

i love your hair. I love you and jenny and marissa. I love portland. i want to go with you next time. mitch can stay at home and wish he was with us eating donuts with bacon. sucka.

Deaconsmommy said...

I am so glad you had so much fun!I love Powells too it is amazing! I can not wait to hear more about it! And I am glad you are home!

Skankstas said...

your little beanie is way cute! i think i could live in that bookstore

Skankstas said...

oh ya and i love Whip It toooooo

Lisa B. said...

powells is the best.

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