Some days just suck.

Friday, November 13, 2009

This is how i thought today would go:

-Sleep in
-Head to work for bit (not fun, but not too bad considering it was only for a couple hours)
-go to my mom's to pick up more things for this jewelry making rampage i've been on
-come home
-finish my jewelry
-make a yummy dinner using one of the new cookbooks i just got from the library
-hang out with the girls

This is how today went:

-tried to sleep in but kept waking myself up, fearing i'd overslept (why does that happen sometimes?)
-went to work for a few hours
-started heading toward my mom's, on the freeway. (Normally freeway is not my choice of route but i figured at 2:15 in the afternoon it shouldn't be bad...)
-instantly after getting on the freeway come to a complete stop
-stuck in traffic
-not moving
-still not moving
-watching the boy in front of me dance in his car
-stomach growling
-feet cold, rest of body hot
-watching the boy in front of me eat a sandwich, then get out of his car and brush the crumbs off his lap
-still not moving
-one hour later, get off the freeway at the first exit possible
-15 minutes later arrive at mom's
-talk to mom and find out there is an 8 car pile up blocking the whole freeway
-Finally home and way to tired for any of my other plans
-annoyed at the world.

Oh and i just realized it's friday the 13th. Of course it is.

Sorry for the negative energy


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