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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Since i don't have anything good to write about, you (whoever is reading this) gets to read about my swim suit frustrations. Next week is our long awaited cruise to the Caribbean! I have been trying to find a good swimming suit top and boy is it hard. I need something better than just Target, my friends. Why is it that they make bras to support what ya got but when it comes to swimming suits, its like they decided to skip out on that one little factor. Um, thanks but no thanks. I ordered a swimming suit top (Bottoms are easy to find and i love a good mismatched swim suit) from Victoria's Secret thinking it would be my answer, but i was sorely mistaken. I am still in search of the perfect swimming suit top with SUPPORT. Anyone else agree with me?

On the other hand i was completely oogling over the Nordstrom January 2010 catalog.

AND i bought this glorious hat that will have to distract from my ill-supported boobs.

Oh i cannot WAIT for summer!


Skankstas said...

I totally agree. But a Victoria's Secret swimsuit was good for my tiny boobs :) too bad you have such a nice rack.

WendyRenee said...

I agree. Whether you are big or small they just assume everyone wants triangle tops with "light" padding. Um. Thats not padding...that's just lining to someone like me. I need some help up there! :)

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