Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's the month of love and instead of talking about love in a typical way like with a boy, i'm going straight to the superficial shit.

I love nail polish. I want "You don't know Jacques" by OPI. I don't know Jacques, but i really wanna.

I love shoes. I want to buy a million pairs. Right now i have my eye out for a good pair of heels (particularly open toed, hurry up summer!) and a pair of gold flats.

I love Rihanna's hair. Scratch that, i love Rihanna in general. But mostly i want her hair, only white, like Pink's.

I love makeup and lately i want more of it, even though i have plenty. I wanna try this.

I love V Chocolates chocolate covered strawberries. I wish someone would leave me some on my porch...

I love looking at interior design blogs. I get so inspired by the photos and it's so hard for me not to go out and spend a shiz load of money and redecorate my whole house.


Erin said...

Use your love for interior design and decorate my lil baby apartment! And find me cute couch pillows, I have ZERO luck.

Amelia said...

Lar I straight up did that exact makeup on my face for an event and it looked exactly like that picture, it took two hours. Do not try it. Love that nail polish and love baking treats with yooooooooooooou!

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