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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Life has been good lately. I feel like i have been getting alot accomplished!
I've been working on setting goals and going through with them and achieving them and it's been great. I can't get everything done i want to, but i am taking it day by day and remembering that it's okay if i can't get EVERYTHING done in one day. There is always tomorrow.
I feel like my life is going to be taking a turn for the better? Could it be? I hope so. Thinking and feeling positive sure seems to help.

Also, i feel like givin' a little thanks to some peeps:

Sophia: For cooking me delicious meals-and answering my prayers for food!

Amy and Mitch: You know why! You guys have helped me a TON!

Mom: Listening to me blab alllll night long tonight

Well this has been a bit deep for me. Let me leave you with this...

Sorry if you like Nickelback...i think they're wretched.


Amy said...

laura i love your gutsssss. i also hate nickelback, and i like to think that every time they are played, a little piece of me dies inside. maybe a large piece.

Deaconsmommy said...

I am happy to have someone to cook for who never complains, unlike someone else I cook for.

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