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Sunday, March 7, 2010

-Why does the drive home from a vaca always seem ten times longer than on the way there?

-Why am i obsessed with vacationing?

-Why am i obsessed with buying baby clothes for my NIECE?! Love sayin that word.

-Why do i have to work? I just wanna be a simple housewife... minus the husband part...

-Why do i wanna buy one million American Apparel shirts cause they're so damn soft?!

-Why do i have a brick for a phone that randomly goes from a soft and subtle vibrating buzz, to a buzz that i can hear from downtstairs when my phone is upstairs? Literally.

-Why am i so lucky to have such good friends?

-Why am i so bad at keeping plants alive?

-Why do i hate having boyfriends, only mostly because of the term...but sometimes the guy...

-Why am i not eating a bowl of fruit loops right now?

-Why does Sarah and Skip live so far away?

-Why did i suck so bad at practicing piano when i was younger?

-Why can't someone give me a foot massage right now?

-Why is it always the slutty annoying girls on Facebook who love to tell everyone how blessed they are and how grateful they are for their life? Just sayin...

-Why do i love the Jazz so much?

-Why isn't summer here yet?

-Why has this post gone on for far longer than planned?

-Why do i have such an obsession with Rihanna?


Deaconsmommy said...

Why do I hate Rhianna? Except shy Ronnie.

Amy said...

why don't we just plan a damn craft night? why don't i ever go on vacas with you? oh yeah. i'm poor and homely. i want you to know shy ronnie is mitch's fav snl skit ever. it was my doorway into convincing him to at least listen to one rihanna song in the car one day. he didn't like it. but at least he listened.

Alfie's mum said...

Why on earth does everyone compliment those hideous camo pants of mine. I am going to burn them in a bonfire when all my kids are born. I bought them when I was pregnant with Alfie and they've been going strong ever since, pregnant or not, but I secretly hate them!

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