Sunday, April 11, 2010

I am frustrated and annoyed and grumpy and mad right now.

In hopes of reversing my feelings, I'm going to write a list of things that make me happy. Hopefully then, i won't feel like killing someone.

-My new business cards. Designed by the magnificent Amy Morby.
Soon i will have a wonderful website to match!

-Komet. Wish i could be playin with him right now. I always smile when i see him.
I found these steak knives today, i want them.

-Colored pens. Don't ask me why, but writing something in colored pens makes me feel so much happier than writing in plain old black or blue.

-The salad my mom just brought me for lunch. When i opened it, it made my day a little better.

-My Toms.

-The fact that i am always easily entertained by pictures of animals being cute or funny

Hey, i do feel a little better...


Amy said...

laura snaggle i love your guts. be happy always. your website is going to be amazing. also, where do i sign up for salads by jane?

Deaconsmommy said...

Do not fear this week has so so so so many happy things comin your way. Garden, lunch Deacon loving you and chatting with me, seriously can you think of a better day?

Alisha said...

i love that squirrel pic! and you!

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