Friday, September 3, 2010

Lately i totally feel worthless in the kitchen. Am i the only one who gets this way? Nothing sounds good and i'm sick of making the same old stuff.
Luckily, i remembered my internet pal foodgawker.
Now i'm feelin pumped to make homemade minestrone soup, grilled zuccini pizza slices and curried veggie burgers!

Too bad i have to go to work in a half hour and i'm hungry and i have no time to make any of these which means whatever i settle for is going to taste bleh due to it not even comparing to these delicious finds. Holyrunonsentence.


Erin said...

I'll take a plate of the little zucchini pizzas! okthanks.

Sophia said...

The good news is tomorrow night we will make the delicacy: chicken rolls.Super fancy.

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