Ingrid Michaelson

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

6:30PM-Arrive at In the venue (hate that name) to a huge line around the corner. Doors are supposed to open at 6:30.

6:35-Line moves a few feet then stops. Just to trick you.

6:40-I spot a white mysterious ball on Sarah's arm.
"What's on your arm? can't be..."

6:45-Downpour of snow/ice balls.

6:48-Start talking to lesbian couple behind us. We share the same opinions on many of our fellow concert goers. Lebian couple makes fun of girl randomly singing in line (after she leaves). I make fun of girl with a grocery sack on her head. We laugh.

7:00- Line still isn't moving. Bangs are frizzy and weird. Roof of building is dripping water on my head. Sarah's hat is sopping.

7:15-Line splits into two. Will call and hard tickets. I'm in hard tickest and will call is going faster. The rage is building.

7:20-Starting to think listening to Ingrid real loud in my house while enjoying a hot cup of somethin sounds better...

7:30-Talking to Lesbians again. Discussing beating anyone who tries butting us in line.

7:40-We're on the move!

7:50-We're in!

9:30(approximately)-Ingrid comes on stage with her band posse, all dressed in black cloaks with the hoods covering their faces. Sarah: "I'm scared!"

Ingrid reveals herself. She is wearing AMAZING boots that will be on my mind until i find them for myself.

Ingrid opens with "Soldier" and rocks my socks right off.

Ingrid talks to the audience the whole time.

Ingrid plays/sings while we sing/dance.

Ingrid tells us instead of leaving the stage while we applaud for an encore, she and her band will just hide onstage instead.

They hide while we clap wildly.

She sings not one but TWO more songs. One being an awesome remix of "The way i am."

11:00ish-Show ends.
I remember why i love music/shows/concerts so much. I forget about the long line of cold we waited in.

11:10-We walk outside the venue into a blizzard. I remember how much i hate winter.

11:15-Sarah and i listen to Ingrid on the way home like it's our first time hearing her music. Don't you love how that happens.


Skankstas said...

loved her! and you! but not the snow.

Amy said...

yes ma'am. love it love it. happened to me just last night at the here we go magic/dr. dog show. yeah babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

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