Serious Courage.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I don't know if anyone else has been following the Elizabeth Smart trial on KSL but i have and it's crazy! You can read the transcripts of Elizabeth's testimony on day two here, but i can't find day 1 again... they might have taken it down. Anyway, i feel some uber respect for her for telling her story to the world. It is crazy what she went through at such a young age. I also felt so sad thinking about her parents having to listen to their daughter tell what she went through. The testimony is pretty detailed but it's really interesting. I didn't know alot of what happened and now that i know, i feel like i respect her even more. So read up if you haven't!


Sophia said...

I read the entire thing! So amazing. I can not believe her courage.

Skankstas said...

i just finished reading it and i can't even believe it! I hope that she can be ok after all that.

Jill said...

She is one of my hero's. This 14 yr old endured more than I can comprehend and she's probably more normal than most people I know.

Nice blog Laura... btw, how about them Jazz?

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