Christmas time is my favorite time.

Monday, December 20, 2010

I love Christmas and there are so many fun crafts/baking/DIY's to do during the month of December. I seriously wasn't going to let myself miss out on anything so i got my shopping done early and have had the whole month to do whatever Christmas inspired things i want! Yesterday the fam met at my moms and made tonz of Christmas treats!

These were my fave...

Melted Snowmen! How cute is this?!

And that's the only picutre i've got folks. I don't have a camera right now :( only my camera on my phone.


Skankstas said...

your phone takes good pics!

Amy said...

Absolutely amaziiiiiing. I want oooooone. I wish we could do some DIYs! Stupid work. Poo on it.

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