Saturday, December 11, 2010

Not my favorite day to have off i've decided. I've always wanted a "real" job where i get saturdays off but now that i've had a saturday off, i'm not so sure anymore. There are SO MANY PEOPLE out! It takes me ten times longer to do anything. Maybe it's just because it's December though and people be gettin crayzay!

Speakin of December, i've got a really awesome Christmas song to share.
Click here to hear it.

That's about all i've got for today.

Oh and i wish i had a cat that i could dress in a sweater.


Skankstas said...

LOVED that song! I missed you yesterday!

Alisha said...

Oh man I love that lil kitty in the first pic with that sweater!

Mare said...

Maybe I should dress up all my animals out here on my mini-farm! But I don't think all of them would look so cute. Maybe though?!

Jennaay said...

lets just get our own pet kitty and do it. you know i'm down.

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