homemade oreos

Monday, January 10, 2011

This weekend i made some homemade oreos for a friends birthday and to give to my new neighbors. For Christmas i got a bunch of different food colorings from my mom so i was excited to try them out on the frosting.

Not too shabby!
(ignore the terribly off centered-ness of the picture)


Amy said...

please remake these for me. I prefer pink frosting. love, amy amelia.

Erin said...

They were SO GOOD. I need that recipe pretty please!

Marrissa said...

they were very tasty!

Skankstas said...

I already ate all of mine and Skip stole a bite and he wished that he stole a bigger bite cuz they were sooooo good!

Alfie's mum said...

my birthday is in December.

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