It's trashy, i know.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Anyone else watchin The Bachelor this season? I know, i know it's terrible TV but I'm hooked. Normally i am not into TV shows like this... actually i don't really watch TV. But i started watching this season of The Bachelor because there is a girl on it from Salt Lake City who i have met once or twice ;) And wowza is she crazy on this show. Seriously, they must be paying her more to be so crazy/bitchy!

Here are 5 reasons why i am addicted to this show:

1- The bachelor is smokin' hot!

2- It's fascinating to me that someone could literally go on that show believing they will find true love.

3- It's even more fascinating to me that all 30 girls just HAPPEN to fall in love with the same guy.

4- Girls are crazy. Especially ones who go on shows like this. And boy does it make for some good entertainment.

5- NONE of the girls can walk in their heels and it's hilarious.


Jill said...

Laura, I need a whole night with you to discuss this. This week was the very first episode I've ever watched. Can we get you on the next bachelor pleaseeee?

Jennaay said...

i know someone in austin we could go visit that could probably introduce you to the bachelor. come with me? and no i'm not kidding.

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