It's trashy, i know.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Anyone else watchin The Bachelor this season? I know, i know it's terrible TV but I'm hooked. Normally i am not into TV shows like this... actually i don't really watch TV. But i started watching this season of The Bachelor because there is a girl on it from Salt Lake City who i have met once or twice ;) And wowza is she crazy on this show. Seriously, they must be paying her more to be so crazy/bitchy!

Here are 5 reasons why i am addicted to this show:

1- The bachelor is smokin' hot!

2- It's fascinating to me that someone could literally go on that show believing they will find true love.

3- It's even more fascinating to me that all 30 girls just HAPPEN to fall in love with the same guy.

4- Girls are crazy. Especially ones who go on shows like this. And boy does it make for some good entertainment.

5- NONE of the girls can walk in their heels and it's hilarious.


Jill said...

Laura, I need a whole night with you to discuss this. This week was the very first episode I've ever watched. Can we get you on the next bachelor pleaseeee?

Jennaay said...

i know someone in austin we could go visit that could probably introduce you to the bachelor. come with me? and no i'm not kidding.

harada57 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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