Say Cheese

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My mom recently informed me of this awesome way to make cheese. It's delicious, nonfat and so simple! If you know me, you know i LOVE cream cheese. Now i have a more healthy alternative to use on my bagels.

For anyone who wants to try it, i took some pictures to accompany my instructions. (ignore my non-ironed background...)

First, get your supplies together. You will need a strainer, some coffee filters, plastic wrap, a dish that your strainer can rest on top of (make sure there is a good space between the strainer and the bottom of the dish though, you don't want your cheese resting in liquid!) and some nonfat plain yogurt. The yogurt can't have gelatin in it though so make sure to check the ingredients list!

Next, put three coffee filters into the strainer and dump your yogurt into it. Cover the top with plastic wrap and set onto your dish. Make a space for it in your fridge and start the process!

After about a day the cheese will be thick and creamy and ready for eating! You can however, keep your cheese in there longer depending on your desired thickness. I added some herbs to mine and spread it on crackers. You can even do a sweet one and add maybe some honey or fruit.


Amy said...

This is easily the most glorious thing I've ever heard of. I want to do it right this minute! I love cream cheese too. And bagels. I try to wean myself, but I just can't help it. It's so good.

Skankstas said...

Yummmm I need one of those strainer things...

Sophia said...

Amazeballs. Make me some with yuor perfect little cheese (and sandwich) making skills.

harada57 said...
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