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Friday, October 17, 2008

So last night i went to a concert. at the e center.(ugh i know) dashboard confessional with panic at the disco, the cab and plain white t's. now i for one am much more a fan of up close and personal most-the-time ghetto places for shows BUT, nevertheless, its music. live music. and live music is always a good time. and dashboard is always in our hearts so of course i was bound to have a good time. and i did. Let me just say first off chris carraba is a sad, sad little (literally, he's
5'6) man who would suck to have as a boyfriend but is awesome music-wise. and he was dressed in style! i was quite impressed again. unfortunately, my being impressed-ness dwindled down when, for a reason im not quite sure of, he started singing that damn pink song nah nah nah we're all gonna get in a fight or whatever the hell that is. i mean obviously it wasnt as bad because it was him singing and not pink, but still. i didnt come to hear cover music of crappy pop stars. luckily that ended quick and i got back to looking lustfully into the eyes of christopher carraba. As for the other bands, they were good too. of course plain white t's sang delilah and the cab was just some band from Las Vegas who i had never heard and then we had panic at the disco. Now i am a fan of panic but to be honest, its not really my scene anymore. Im pretty sure i was the oldest one in there and i was surrounded by the most emo kids you have ever seen. but oh boy it was some good people watchin and a good time. whether you like the show your at or not, its always a good time thanks to the millions of freaky americans who entertain you with their dancing. wow. on one side of me was two guys in their 20's who looked to be BYU students just lovin panic and singing so hard and even throwin in the fist in the air move a few times. on the other side was the high school couple where the girl is getttin so into it and making the boy dance with her and he's thinking how glad he is his friends cant see him to make fun of him. hahaha so entertaining. But panic did put on a good show i was quite impressed.
music is always a good time right?


Jenny Boo said...

ha ha! i laughed out loud when i pictured the two BYU kids throwin their fist in the air like they just don't care.

Marrissa said...

One time at a TBS concert I did that very move. Maybe I should go to BYU??
Chris Carraba is a sexy mother eff. I want to kiss him.

Dash said...

Kinda hard to not have a man crush on Chris. He does what i would kill to do. Though, it's really hard for me to imagine him in a stadium.

Dash said...

I'm sorry Laura, but what can I say. You gave me the perfect opportunity. (If anyone would love to see a very flattering picture of Laura go here.....


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