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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Hot Hot weather, cold drinks, ocean swimming, purse stolen-then retrieved, cheap mexican trinkets. all makes for an awesome vacation right? First off i better write about the purse since your wondering how the hell that happened. Well Sophia was giving me a hard time cause i wouldnt leave my purse on the beach while we went in the ocean to swim. So i proceeded to wade in the ocean with my bag over my shoulder, which only got more laughs from not only her but the other people in the ocean. So i finally gave in but not before burying my bag in the sand somewhat and putting my towel over it. Then as we're playing out in the ocean Sophia asks, do you see my bag? no i replied. From there we just ran. i ran to the towel to check my stuff (still there) and she ran off in the streets of mexico. What if my friend doesnt come back? what am i gonna say to comfort her if she does come back cause she sure as hell isnt going to get that purse back. All these thoughts were running through my mind when to my sure surprise and shock Sophia comes around the corner holding her bag. Apparently she saw the ass hole who took it and screamed "HEY! give me my purse back. You can have the money just give me my purse." All he did was, "oh, sorry." And then handed it back. crazy shit happens in mexico. There is much to tell when your on vacation for seven whole days but i will just highlight our adventures. First of all, at our first stop which was Puerto Vallarta, we awoke and looked out our window expecting to see a beautiful mexican scene somewhat like a beautiful painting. well maybe not but at least something better than what we saw from our cruise ship window. Okay well maybe you cant really tell in this picture but its a damn walmart!!! what is this world coming to. anyway... I met this lady Rose on the cruise. Ironic i know. big ship. lady named Rose. This was not a lady who you would want to pose naked though. Rose was freakin awesome but...yeah. We thought Rose was by herself cause we never saw her with anyone else but after introducing ourselves and talking to her we learned that she was with a friend who apparently just wanted to sleep all the time. Rose's specialty was Karaoke. She had even brought her cd book full of karaoke cd's. She was lovin the karaoke and everytime we went there it was Rose up on stage singing. pretty much every other song. Let me give you a visual and maybe you will see a glimpse of what we saw on our awesome vacation.

The last highlight of the trip, although im not sure i would call it a highlight...more like a lowlight, ha ha took place in this beautiful place worthy of a screensaver.

It was going to be my first time snorkling and i was pretty excited. Nervous, (im pretty scared of the ocean) but excited. Excitment faded fast and quickly turned to pure fright as i saw the waves. My friends took turns telling me what to do since the damn mexican that dropped us off did just that. Dropped us off on what was called lovers beach but did not turn out true to its name. So i start walking out into the ocean waddling like a freakin duck or something cause im wearing my flippers and ive got my mask positioned just right. im trying to fight the fear im feeling when woosh! I was only up to my calves in water when a wave, a real strong one, took me under and away! As im tumbling along the ocean floor, my knees being scraped by the sand and my swimsuit bottoms to my knees, im trying to find up and i cant. Just as im picturing myself on the evening news i am washed to shore like a beached whale and i gasp for air. After one precious breath it takes me out again. Finally Curtis grabs me and holds me there until the wave goes back out again and instantly i stand up, rip my mask and flippers off (its a miracle they were still on) and run to safety. The rest of my experience in Cabo was that of laying on the beach soaking up the sun, (far from those terrifying waves) and listening to Meiko (thanks Dash) on my ipod.

As for the time on the boat, my fav parts were reading in the sauna, the food, and my towel friends that greeted me when i went back to my room.


Amy Rebecca said...

What in the hell? when did you get a blog? You little scamper you. What cruise did you go on? You told me once but I forgot. But guess what...we went to cabo too. Except I didn't like it because it smelled like weenies and crusty dogs. The beach was cool though. Did you love your cruise? I wanted to stow away on our boat and become a mexican dancer and just live on the cruise boat and make towel animals.

Dash said...

Ok this is what you got to do for the tickets. Your Job is to get Sarah and Skip to buy some at smith tix. I already have two so you can just get one from me.

Dash said...

I think it will be the future of communication. Plus I don't have any other way to get a hold of you. :)

Deacons Mommy said...

I am here yo make you popular! I love that you got scared of Rose looking at your blog. I love the cruise but next time I really want to go on that gay cruise we have always talked about!

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