Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Im such a thinker!
And alot is on my mind therefore...
i am turning to blogging.

*I tried to Hula Hoop today at big brother big sister. Unfortunately its not like riding a bike. you do forget how. but after paige taught me how to wiggle my hips like her i did okay. i also taught the kids what a scone was ha ha

*i cant get Emily Wells and her Symphony 6: fair thee well and the requeim mix out of my head! but i love it so much. so much.

*I'm terrified im going to get sick (my roomate has strep!) so i've been drowning myself in orange juice and chicken soup. (Dr. Oz said so) Plus taking my daily intake of vitamins. Oh yeah and dousing myself in hand sanitizer when a sink isn't available

*I went to a high school reunion last night aka wedding reception for high school friends. i'm pretty much the only one not married or not thinking of getting married anytime soon. Well me and my roomies. we rock.

*i love candles! and i love making my house smell like a winters delight!

*I'm gettin my christmas shopping done and i love it! its so fun buying for other people although i will admit for every one thing i find for someone else, i find at least five for me...

*I'm working on finishing my painting that i started at our old house in bluffdale. Its awesome i dont know why i ever put that on pause. Painting is so theraputic.

*THANKSGIVING IS SO SOON! I couldn't be more excited! Julia will be home and i'm in charge of bringing pies. Chocolate satin ya'll! Holidays are freakin awesome and if you hate holidays your laaaaame.

*im enjoying everyday that comes without snow and bitter winds.
woot woot!

*Lastly, i miss my dog. Here is the cutest picture of him the day i got him.


Dash said...

Laura we have another thing in common. We are both the unmarried (and okay with it) one of all our friends. Here, here for us. Though you are still young what the hell are your friends thinking. hehehe.

Deacons Mommy said...

I hope that you are buying me the best of all christmas gifts. Also your not married yet because it is not quite legal for you and your roomates to marry each other.

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