Ronald Mcdonald!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

December third my friend Sophia has organized a project at the Ronald McDonald house! (if you dont know its a place where families who have kids in the hospital can stay for free locally) Last year she donated groceries and when she took a tour of the house she noticed all the rooms were kinda boring and sad. So this year we're going to spruce up a room! My mom is going to paint something cute on the walls and we're going to make it into a pretty room that will cheer people up! If anyone wants to help or donate money or gift cards to home improvement stores or anything at all let me know! It will be greatly appreciated!
Tis the season!!


Marrissa said...

Tell me what I need to do. I probably will just have to be a sugar mama for this project as I have a full time job....BUT I'd still like to help!

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