Saturday, December 13, 2008

I am completely 100% obsessed with Lost. It is the best show ever and i can't get enough of it! I recently finished season four (season five starts in january) and i cant get it out of my mind! Everthing relates to lost i swear! I think about it all day long and even dream about it! If you haven't caught the Lost bug i suggest you infect yourself immediately! But beware and be prepared to not have any contact with the outside world for at least a week. You won't be able to stop watching until your finished! Not only do i love Lost for the pure fact that you never know whats going to happen, but for the one outweighing factor know as Jack Shepherd AKA Matthew Fox.
One things for sure about him and that is I WANT TO MARRY HIM.

Simple as that.
I get "Lost" in his eyes when i look at him.
okay im done with the cheesy-ness...


Marrissa said...

We need to find us men like Jack. Where should we start looking??

Amy Rebecca said...

I too am on the Lost bandwagon. Me and Mitchell watched it all the way down to AZ for thanksgivin. My personal fav is Curly solely for the fact that he is large and in charge and prolly smells like fesces. Good times.

Amy Rebecca said...

ps...why the hell did Jenny delete her blog? tell her I'll cut her.

Deacons Mommy said...

I have loved Jack longer

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