Sunday Funday

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Well i haven't blogged in a bit so here it is.

First of all Thursday night the gals all went out to iggys and as we pulled into the parking lot and i got out of the car i looked over and about wet my pants when i saw THIS staring at me!

yes, a real live (well not anymore) rooster! after the scared part was over i burst out laughing and i couldn't stop! So therefore i had to take a picture of course.

Also, i'm gettin into the christmas spirit! we still dont have a tree yet due to lack of small trees being available to buy but we do have christmas lights on our house thanks to me and Jenny's handiwork the other night...

And lastly i have to share with everyone the joy of this new book i got today called "stuff on my cat." It is just a whole book of pictures of things on cats. They have them for dogs too and they are freakin hilarious. If ever i am sad i will surely turn to my "stuff on my cat" book.


Jessie said...

ba ha ha my fave is the cat with the leg warmers!!

Jessie said...

i just looked again and realized they're mittens. even better. ba ha ha.

Jenny said...

HA HA HA HA HA i love those cat pictures, i was laughin so hard at all of them. dammit i love cats

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