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Sunday, April 5, 2009

If you know me you know that anything sport like is not my thing. I pretty much hate any sport with a ball involved due to the fact my face always becomes the victim. Its not that i hate sports per se, its that they always end badly for me for the most part. That is why i stick to things like scrapbooking, baking, painting, things like that. Nothing ever flies out of nowhere and hits you smack in the face. Nothing ever comes at you unexpectedly. And surely i've never broken my tailbone reading right?
Well every so often a wave of insanity comes over me and i feel the urge to do something "sporty." Bad idea. My friend Jon and i went to Park City for the day today to go snowboarding since its been a while for me and i wanted to get one time in before the season ended. After having a great morning and me only falling once! (And it wasn't even on the lift aka my worst nightmare) i was feeling pretty confident in my "shredding skills." Unfortunately my standing at the bottom of the bunny hill on my snowboard going 1 mile per hour skills suck. I got stuck and somehow my board caught and i landed right on my tailbone which has been more fragile than my grandmothers china since i broke it in the 9th grade. After lying on the snow on one butt-cheek (careful not to let my tailbone touch the ground) i got up and Jon helped me get my boots and snowboard off and we walked to the car. Following that was a painful car ride of trying to sit on my side as much as possible and trying not to scream everytime we went over a bump. Now for the next little while (hopefully not TOO long) my life will consist of me carrying my leapord print donut pillow around with me wherever i go. Lucky me. Now this post must end because it is extremely difficult to lie on your side and try to type.

Here is a pic of Jon and I after the "incident," with me trying to look like i'm happy HA

Note to readers: i am not as much of a lazy ass as i made myself seem above. I do enjoy being active and i swear i dont sit around all day long everyday.


SAKS said...

lol that was funny. The whole time I was imagining what position you were in while typing. Kiss your butt better for me :)

Zach and Car said...

Oh no!! Hope it heals soon! Tailbones are the absolute worst :| LOL it sounds like at least you have an adorable pillow to cushion that tush!

Deacons Mommy said...

Like I said snowboard on the sabbath and god will smite you. And crafts can be painful, remember medievel days?

Brooke said...

My bum hurts after reading that. Haha. Hope you get better soon!

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