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Saturday, June 20, 2009

So, i have wanted to shave my head since 9th grade and i finally did it! It feels absolutely amazing! I think everyone should do it once, after all, it grows back.

It was so funny hearing peoples responses when i told them i was going to shave my head.
"Whyyyy?" they would ask.
"Just because. I have always wanted to," i would reply.

But after answering this question what felt to be a million times and getting responses like, "but you look good now" and "but i think so highly of you now..." and "Don't do it, you'll regret it!" i started answering with a simple, "i want to lose weight."

It seems funny to me that almost no one freaked out when i got a tattoo but when i announce my plans for shaving my head, people act like im cutting off my arm!

Well it's a good thing i was doing it for myself and myself only then.
And turns out, it doesn't look half bad, i have a nice rounded head under all that hair!




SDBL said...

I would like to state that had I known you when you got your tattoo I would have freaked out(but loved you still ) does that make me your trueset friend? I also supported you in the head shaving, I am the best.

Mare said...

I would love you no matter what you did. Aside from abusing animals and children and such. As long as it's positive for you I am all over that. You are a dream. Life is too short to take seriously! Live and have fun!!!
Because fun people truly live!!!
Way to go Laura!!!!

Dash said...

I hope you donated your lovely locks...

Zach and Car said...

Lars! You are so dang daring! Good for you!!! I think you look FABULOUS!!!! I have an awful shaped head, I could NEVER pull that off :(

Brooke said...

Lar, you are still HOT as ever! I am so glad you did this and didn't listen to what other people said. Kudos to you my love!

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