Monday, July 6, 2009

Well i'm finally getting around to posting some pics from my trip to Hawaii. We went to the island of Oahu (where they film Lost) and it was absolutely amazing! The weather was perfect all week and we had a blast!

So Michael Jackson died when we were in Hawaii (along with the 20 other celebrities) and this was this crazy dude who played MJ music while he spray painted pictures of the beach. He even danced! It was freakin awesome. Also let it be known we sang MJ songs in the convertible throughout the whole drive to the North Shore.

We are a funny lookin group aren't we? (Matt wasn't in this picture...)

This is Hanauma Bay where we snorkled and i saw a sea turtle!!!

We went to the Dole pineapple factory and got some "Pineapple whip" which is basically like pineapple sorbet/ice cream stuff. It was sooooo delicious i wish i could have some right now...

Anyway i wish i could move to Hawaii its the best place everrr!
Only problem is Hawaii is kinda hard to move to right?

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