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Monday, August 24, 2009

Today while starting out a hunt for the perfect supplies to create these incredible earrings i have inside my head, i came across these tiny Japanese erasers at Roberts. I LOVE all things miniature (which is why i played with barbies till i was about 14), so of course, i was in love. They are so funny and cute, i had to buy one, even though i really just wanted to buy them all... I don't even think they really erase but thats fine they're so cute i wouldn't want to ruin mine with pencil smears all over it.

This is the one i chose to take home with me...cute eh?
And it comes apart...

Don't worry that i was taking all these pics while i was in Roberts haha


Skankstas said...

i want a smaller camera because i always want to take pics in the store and i feel like my camera is way too conspicuous! I still have done it a couple time tho. cute erasers too

Alfie's mum said...

You know I have gazed at these beauties many many times. I LOVE THEM

Brooke said...

Mostly I love that you admit to playing with barbies till you were 14. I still have all my barbies in boxes...still in thier boxes haha.

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