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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lately i have loved looking at deocr8 due to something they have been doing called, my favorite things. The girl who blogs on this site recently moved to another country, so she has had alot of guest bloggers. She has had them all take pictures inside their house of things they love and its so interesting and inspiring to see everyones choices. Especially since these people are all pretty creative.
Anyway, after reading her blog daily i started thinking about what i would choose. I decided to do it and show ya'll so here ya go.
PLUS i tag ALL of you to do it too. Its fun!
i know i know, i'm normally not a tagger but c'mon. This ones different.

~This is my GIANT magnet board that i snagged from Nordstrom when they were shutting down the old store. I love it because i am constantly adding more. It has pictures of my friends and family, pictures that inspire me, homemade magnets etc.
Looking at this board makes me happy and inspired.

~This chest is definitely one of my favorite things because i completely transformed it. I wish i had thought to take a before picture but i didnt...
It used to be brownish with all the paint peeling off. Pretty trashed looking. I sanded it down (with the help of my mom of course!) and painted it red. I LOVE it. And because my cute lil couch somehow found its way in this picture i have to add i love that too. 70 bucks on KSL. Mint condition ;) It's curved if you can't tell.

~This painting is one of my absolute favorite things in life. It was done by my great grandma whom i never knew but SO wish i did. I feel extrememly lucky to even have this painting. To learn more about her click here to see my sisters blog...

~This last one is just a picture of my bed. I love my bed for alot of reasons.
Because its a queen size and its all to myself. Growing up i always had a twin which was fine until i went through a growth spurt and suddenly found myself not quite so comfortable.
Because it has cute mismatched pillows on it. I LOVE hunting for pillows.
Because i make it every single day so its the one thing that always looks pretty no matter how messy my room gets.


Skankstas said...

oooh I loved your post! I love your living room btw. It is so stylish. oh and i love decor 8 too!

Deaconsmommy said...

I love all of this! It is so so cute. Well done.

Jayson and Tayler Harris said...

I loved looking at all of the photos. I love your style...it is so cute!

Lisa B. said...

Everything is so excellent and beautiful. Nice pics and nice taste!

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