Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I feel like i want to blog. A lot. Perhaps everyday.
But what do i talk about? When i sit and think about what to blog about, i can't think of anything worthy to write about. There is plenty going on in my life but really, i don't think people want to hear about me getting my car "fixed" for the FIFTH time. Or me working every night of my life. Or me forgetting my lunch at work that i was going to bring home and eat for dinner.
But i guess those are all crappy things.
There are good things going on in my busy life too, but again, are they blog worthy?
Like me reading a wonderful book called The hunger games. Or me gardening nonstop, not only at my house but my friend Sophia's and my moms. Or me learning to cook Indian food with two gentleman friends and Jenny at Sur La Table?
For some reason when i think about the things going on in my life, they just seem so unbloggable.
That is why most of my posts end up being of photo's or videos of some sort.
I think a lot of it may have to do with me looking through my daily handfull of blogs before i actually choose to write my own. I see all these AMAZING ones and a lot more annoying ones that make me want to barf on my keyboard, and it makes me lose interest in writing myself.

Oh well i guess...
Until next time, when i find a blog worthy topic.

On another note, i could really go for some chocolate covered strawberries right now


Skankstas said...

I'm so glad you liked Hunger Games! Isn't it intense?! Now you need to read the second one. It's good too.

I agree that reading other peoples blogs too much before blogging yourself is toxic. I think that anything you blog about would be blogworthy, but I am your sister...

Oh and I hate you cuz I will be dreaming about those strawberries ALL NIGHT

Amy said...

three things of note:

i just read hunger games and loved it. i'm reading the second one now.

secondly, why wasn't i invited to the garden party? was it because of my complete ignorance of gardening topics? prolly. damn.

thirdly, why didn't i come learn to make indian food? was it because people would mistake me for an indian due to my striking almond-shaped eyes and creamy brown skin? it was, wasn't it? that's dot. not feather.

fourthly, i love you. let's play.

fifthly, i agree with sister. you're always bloggable so quit bein a weenie and just let it happen.


meg said...

I lurve Hunger Games. Catching Fire is better! I think anyways, I can hardly wait for the third one to come out in August.

Elizabeth said...

Do you remember that one Valentine's Day when you came to the cottage with two packages of chocolate covered strawberries from V Chocolates and we sat and ate them all? That was delicious. I want them now.

Deaconsmommy said...

Just blog and don't worry about if it is cool or not. I will also think its cool. Also I hate Indian food but I love chicken salad croissants so lets make some.

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