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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Anyone else sick of Taylor Swift and her stupid hair?
Seriously, could she do it a different way please?!
Every time i ever see her it's done one of two ways.

This way...

Or this way...

So freakin BORING. We're all sick of looking at your hair in the same style you've had since you became famous.

One time i saw her hair like this and now i wonder why she would ever have gone back to that sick curly crap.

Taylor, maybe you thought that stupid up-do was pretty the first time but after seeing you with that for EVERY awards show, we're all sick of it.
Oh and Ps.
That dark black makeup you like to pair with you're sick hair for every event, yeah that should go too.


Alfie's mum said...

I've never noticed, but really it's so true.

Erin said...


Marrissa said...

I'm sick of her songs too. Let's take her and miley cyrus, and all their music and dump them on an island somewhere.

Deaconsmommy said...

hilarious, I think she is wholesome and cute one thousand times cuter than that whore Rhianna! Ha!

Alisha said...

what is sophia saying! i love Rihanna! i hate taylor swift! and i hate her stupid hair, stupid makeup, stupid songs and stupid voice. boo taylor!!

BrooklynBridge said...

I laughed out loud at this bc I hate her stupid hair too, and especially on her first album cover. its like the ugliest curly shit ever... haha!

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