i got sunshine

Monday, May 3, 2010

On my days off from work i usually keep busy the entire day, doing things i need to do like running errands (haha Sophia) and cleaning my house.
Today i just relaxed and it was awesome, although not easy. It's hard for me to spend a day off not doing productive things. I always feel like i'm wasting my day. Anyway, I picked up Komet for the day and we just hung around the house being lazy. I've been in my PJ's all day. I painted for hours. I read. I took Komet on a short walk. I basically just did whatever.
It was nice.
Now i have a whole week of work ahead of me :(


Deaconsmommy said...

YOU MUST HAVE SOO MANY ERRANDS TO DO NOW! Get your shape ups on a nd get busy!

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