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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

On Sunday, June 13th at 11:46pm Sienna Jane Schenck was born.
She is the cutest baby ever, but i guess i could be biased. I never knew i could love a baby so much and this is just a niece! I can't even imagine the love Sarah and Skip feel for their lil babe. Sarah had the baby completely natural and i got to witness it all. She was so tough and didn't even scream!

I seriously cannot get enough of little baby Sienna and her cute head of hair! All her clothes are too big on her cause she is so teeny weeny but i tried a few on her...

Bad camera=grainy pics :(


Amy said...

i love this lil babe and that hair probably more than i love you. not really, though. but kinda. congrats, sugar! being an aunt is the best. especially to nieces. but i actually wouldn't know because all i have is stinky nephs that grew up and hate me now. yay aunt-hood!

meg said...

She is yummy. Seriously that hair is amazing. Congrats!

Jayson and Tayler Harris said...

She is so beautiful! I love her hair and she has the most perfect little face. Tell Sarah congratulations! You'll love being an aunt.

Jennaay said...

HA HA i love that pic of her yawning. i laughed when i saw it again. then i came here to leave a comment and i laughed at amys comment. good work you guys.

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