4th of July

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The fourth of July weekend this year was a blast! Saturday, me Alisha and my mom went up to Sarah and Skips. We made dinner and played monopoly and of course, fought over who got to hold Sienna. It was kind of a low key night but it was fun. Sunday, me and the girls did so much! We wanted to go to the pool when we woke up but it was a bit breezy (oh Utah!) so we hopped on our bikes and went for a ride. We ended up taking a bunch of pictures unexpectedly so ignore my hair. Then we came home and discovered a cherry tree in our yard! Unfortunately most all the cherries were up high so we only got to eat a few. However, our apricot tree was full of fruit! Then we all made food including these delicious chocolate chip cookies that have a brownie inside and took them to a friends for a night of BBQ'n and fun!

Does this picture not remind you of Now and Then??


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