Have i mentioned i love summer?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

This summer has been a fine one. It started out just right with a trip to the Bahamas followed by BBQ's, bike riding, outside concerts, swimming and snow cones. I am eating up every second of this hot weather because i know how summer flies by in Utah.

Even better, i get to cruise around the streets in my new car! Yay, i have air conditioning again!! And my bike fits in it! I knew i had to buy this car when i test drove it and the previous owners ipod started playing Tilly and the wall.

And how could i blog without sharing a couple new photos of cute Sienna.

Poor little babe has to get surgery tomorrow on her eye :(


Mare said...

I love Summer too!!! And I love the car. What kind is it. It is very you! And that baby Sienna!!! Is she cute or what!!! That girl that's holding her is cute too.

Sophia said...

Fun! I am sad that we have shared barely any summer fun! Next week you gotta come pick me up in your new car!!!!! I will sending good vibes to Sienna tomorrow.

Skankstas said...

ha ha ha i love the turban pic...and your car...and summer!!!

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