5 things

Sunday, August 15, 2010

5 things i did yesterday:
-laughed my head off
-rediscovered my love for croissant sandwiches
-became the host of my own "What not to wear" (in my head)
-wore blue suede shoes

5 things i wish i had:
-a longer summer
-a new pair of Toms
-Zupas soup
-a new job
-long hair

5 things i am looking forward to:
-wearing my new boots in the fall
-putting chapstick on when i get back inside the house after writing this post
-seeing my niece Sienna again
-eating my leftover fish in the fridge
-reading a new book

5 things i wish i could do:
-work just for fun
-the splits
-move to Hawaii
-tell some people exactly what i think of them
-eat whatever i want, when i want and not get fat

Got this idea from this cute blog.


Amy said...

laura i love you AND that blog. you should get a new pair of toms AND eat whatever you want because you are beautiful and words can't bring you down. beautiful like x-tina dirrty south. i don't know what any of that means except that you are a gem. 'nuff said.

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