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Monday, August 9, 2010

When i can feel the end of summer approaching i get so sad. I need to relax and enjoy the rest of the summer but i get so stressed about the fact that we are that much closer to winter! And i hate when people say things like, Winters comin. We know! Let's ignore that fact until i actually see snow! I HATE WINTER.

Who likes:
-Driving in the snow
-Scraping their car
-Waking up ten min early TO scrape your car
-Wearing a coat everywhere that makes your hair static-y and then you get in a store and it's hot so you have to carry it
-Being cooped up inside all day everyday
-Being pale and white
-Getting winter colds
The only person i know who literally loves winter and doesn't mind these things is KIMBA. And she is crazy.

Okay i probably shouldn't have written all that cause now it got me thinking about it! Time to think about how i'm going to spend the rest of the summer...

-More pool time
-Going to Hailee's cabin for a girls trip
-Making smooooothies
-Going on a few hikes
-Heading up to the mountains for some campfires and S'mores
-Laying outside on a blanket at night, soaking in my favorite part about summer...summer nights!


Alisha said...

hahah i love that winter picture

Kimba Lance said...

Hahahahahahahahahahaha I am glad that I am the friend of yours who loves winter!! I do, I really do!! Christmas is in 132 days and I am pumped!! Ahhhh it warms my heart to be mentioned in your bloggy Snot Face:) Lurv you!!

Jennaay said...

that snow sculpture is the shit.
also, i LOVE summer and i love/hate winter.

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