Deseret Book on a monday morning

Monday, October 6, 2008

This morning i went to deseret book. No no i was not stopping in to get my mormon handicraft or relief society lesson planner, i was there for one reason and one reason only. For those of you who dont know, let it be my job to make you aware of the delicious treats that lie inside this fort union deseret book. Orange rolls, cinnamon rolls, plain rolls, cheesecake (mini ones), regular cake, carrot cake, ice cream sandwiches with your choice of cookie and your choice of ice cream for the filling, eclairs, chicken salad, soups, pulled pork etc etc. It is delicious and all for a fair price. Its like this bakery thing from the lion house. it is freakin good and if your ever in the area, i suggest you take a pit stop and get yourself a little pulled pork and cake.


Reachforthestars said...

Another connection!!!!
I am so psyched!! Or is that psycho? Keep going...if you blog, they will come.
Love you,
using Astraea's blog until I create one of my own.

Deacons Mommy said...

Your full of crap you were there to buy a love is spoken here sign. PS time to start commenting on my blog miss.

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